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Winners & Nominees 2010

*Winners are listed first and are bolded*


Best Feature Film

*The Battle For Bunker Hill – Matt Cullen, Greg Hurd, Scott Richardson & Kevin Willmott
Father vs. Son – Brian James Crewe & Michael Huffington
The Camera’s Eye – James Tracy
A Safe House – Mary Michael D’Onofrio
Bodhisattva – San Banarje

Best Screenplay (Feature Film)

*A Safe House – Stephen G. Schioppo
The Battle For Bunker Hill – Greg Hurd & Kevin Willmott
Unearthed – Peter Yaxley
Drawing With Chalk – Todd Giglio & Christopher Springer
Bodhisattva – San Banarje & Trisha Ray

Best Director (Feature Film)

*The Camera’s Eye – Wendy Shear
The Only Good Indian – Kevin Willmott
Father vs. Son – Joe Ballarini
A Safe House – Stephen G. Schioppo
Are You For Great Sex? – Cynthia Hsiung

Best Actor (Feature Film)

*The Only Good Indian – Wes Studi
The Battle For Bunker Hill – James McDaniel
Father vs. Son – Paul Wolff
Unearthed – Anthony Jaeger
Drawing With Chalk – Todd Giglio

Best Actress (Feature Film)

*Are You For Great Sex – Jessica Caban
The Camera’s Eye – Kate Forsatz
Jersey Justice – Blanche Baker
Santorini Blue – Deirdre Lorenz
The Battle For Bunker Hill – Laura Kirk

Best Supporting Actress (Feature Film)

*Bodhisattva – Miska Halim
Pizza with Bullets – Talia Shire
When the Evening Comes – Ann Meara
The Camera’s Eye – Patricia Parker
Venus and Vegas – Jamie Pressly

Best Supporting Actor (Feature Film)

*A Safe House – John Felidi
Santorini Blue – Richard Belzer
Grandslammed – Ben Mac Brown
A Safe House – Ray Turturro
The Rise and Fall of Their American Dream – Nash Bhatt

Best Cinematography (Feature Film)

*Are You For Great Sex? – Valentina Caniglia
The Only Good Indian – Matthew Jacobson & Jeremy Osbern
The Battle For Bunker Hill – Matthew Jacobson
I’m Not Here (and She’s Not There) – Gregory Kaplan
Santorini Blue – Stephen Treadway & Vasillis Vafiadis

Best Editor (Feature Film)

*The Camera’s Eye – Ron Kalish
The Battle For Bunker Hill – Sean Blake & Victoria Goetz
Father vs. Son – Brian James Crewe
The Only Good Indian – Thad Nurski & Mark Von Schlemmer
A Safe House – Stephen G. Schioppo

Best Foreign Film

*Unearthed – Peter Yaxley
Bodhisattva – San Banarje
A Night at Robert McAlisters – Ben Jagger
The Package – Oliver Waghom
Stars & Idols – Wayne Abbott

Best Documentary

*Crossing Our Borders – Gladys Bensimon
Strike Dice: Betting on My Father – Michael Solomon & Natalie Picoe
Lives of the Artists – Ben Pugh & Rory Aitken
In the Name of Democracy: America’s Conscience, A Soldier’s Sacrifice – Dennis Watlington &: Nina Rosenblum
Bethlehem to Brooklyn: Breaking the Surface – Fran Tarr

Best TV Pilot

*BSI – Harry Pritchard & Frank Mosca
Because We Are Women: Celebrating Possiblities – Marlene Waldock & Corinna Sager
Stars & Idols – Linda Streeger
Police Women: Life With the Badge – Sharon Easton & Steve Olimpio
Popular – Frank Sopapunta

Best Short

*Numb – Amanda Marshall, Brian Culp & Erwann Marshall
A Night at Robert McAlisters – Ben Jagger & Dean Jagger
Wings and Beer – Khaldoun Aldhalie
Two Years – Jacob Reynolds & Steve Holgrem
Whales – Dorottya Mathe

Best Short Short

*Vacuum Attraction – Morgan Miller & Ruby Schneider
The Neighbor – Ben Weir
The Package – Oliver Waghorn
Weequhaic – Brad Marro, Ethan Anderson, Hakim Quest & Jamie Ruddy
Small Collection – Andrew Brotzman & Jeremiah Crowell

Best Unproduced Screenplay

*I’ll Die Tomorrow – John Maffucci
Perfect Merger – Daniel D. Molinoff
Making of Mike Tyson – Kelly Stephenson
Grief From Madame Butterfly – Barry Leach
Death in Weehawken – Kal Wagenheim


Best of the Festival

*Santorini Blue – Deirdre Lorenz & Matthew Panepinto
Rob at Your Own Convenience – Steven Meitzler & Christopher A. Sienkiewicz
Non Compos Mentis – Geraldine Winters
Jersey Justice – John Charles Hunt & Kathlyn Hunt
A Fight For Survival – Nicholas Boise
Maggie Marvel – Dan Brennan

Lightyear Best Feature Film Winner
*Venus & Vegus – Eddie Guerra, Luis Moro & Demien Lichtenstein

New York Post Best Feature Film Trailer Winner
*Silent – Michael Pleckaitis

Lifetime Achievent Award Recipient
*Robert Loggia

New Jersey Professional Leadership Award Recipient
*Anthony Falco

The following terms and conditions apply to cash awards and they cannot be deviated from under any circumstances: Cash prizes are conditioned upon winners personal presence and acceptance at the festival’s Gala Awards Ceremony. The winner of Best Feature Film, Best Documentary Feature, Best Short Film, Best TV Pilot and the Audience Award Best of the Festival, must be personally accepted by the projects’ producer, director or executive producer in order to be eligible for the cash prizes. In order to receive any cash prize, the winner’s film must have been submitted with the appropriate submission fee; films submitted without their respective submission fees are not eligible for cash prizes, though they may win HIFF award(s) and are entitled to the trophies if they do win any HIFF award(s). In the event that HIFF pays for airfare, hotel accommodations and/or ground transportation for any filmmakers and/or any individuals whatsoever and/or provides any free HIFF tickets (beyond the two complementary passes given to filmmakers) for any filmmakers and/or any individuals whatsoever, those said filmmakers/individuals shall forfeit the right to receive any cash prize(s) in a monetary value up to an amount equal to HIFF’s payment of his/her airfare, hotel accommodations and/or ground transportation and/or HIFF tickets(beyond the two complementary passes given to filmmakers).

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