2017 Winners & Nominees

Best Actress in a Feature Film

Elena Beuca (D-Love)

Linda Burzynski (Fear, Love & Agoraphobia)


Julianna Robinson (Gas Light)

Michaela Spanle (Vive Le Morte)

Jenna Ushkowitz (Yellow Fever)




Best TV Pilot

Death Lives (Erick Hellwig)

Takers (Rachel Carey)

East (Dana Marisa Schoenfeld)


Gogol (Alexander Tsekalo)

Uncorked Potential (Jack Kauffman)



Best Short Short

Backstory (Joschka Laukeninks)

The Long Island Wolf (Julien Lasseur)

Revenge Is Best Served(Larry Rosen)


Momtress (Jeremiah Kipp)

Milennium: Eternal Sunrise (Vlad Aksenov & Elena Aksenova)



Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film

Daniel Baldwin (The Red Maple Leaf)


Nicoye Banks (The Dunning Man)

Matthew Lilliard (6 Love Stories)

James Caan (The Red Maple Leaf)

Jd Williams (Beyond The Silence)



Best Unproduced Screenplay

American Hero, written by Mikhael Bassilli

Blood Trigger, written by Ron Podell

Bronx Torpedo, written by Robert Young
The Sum Of Random Chance, written by Kris Ketonen & Lee Chambers

A Summer In Epirus, written by George Baltsas



Best Cinematography

Pablo Chasseraux (Another Forever)


Daniel Cayarga (Disposable)

Joe Dietsch (Happy Hunting)

Ludwig Dranz (Hear The Silence)

David Balding (I, Timon)



Best Editing

Ian Blume & Eugenio Richer (The Dunning Man)

Alex D’lerma (Fear, Love & Agoraphobia)


Joe Dietsch & Lucian Gibson (Happy Hunting)

Jan-Timo Sonnemann (Hear The Silence)

Chris Chan Lee (jasmine)



Best Short Film

Albedo Absolute (Vlad Marsavin & Elena Baranova)

The Cabinet In The Woods (Andrew Schwarz & Bob Klein)


Flower (Michael Gandolfini & Lenni Messi)

The Final Mission (Winston James)

Boat People (Paul Meschuh)



Best Documentary Film


Be Relentless (Jessie Marek & Brad Riley)

The Unstoppable Irving Fields (Martin Feinberg)


Plant Codes, Unleashing Nature’s Healing Power (Gary Null)

Nathan East: For The Record (Chris Gero & David Maxwell)

The Bullish Farmer (Ken Marsolais & Nancy Vick


Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film

Alicia Witt (6 Love Stories)

Clarissa Molocher (Hear The Silence)

Mira Sorvino (The Red Maple Leaf)

Nahanni Johnstone (Yellow Fever)

Terri Conn (North Of The City)



Best Actor in a Feature Film

Usman Sharif (Beyond The Silence)

Dustin Coffey (Fear, Love & Agoraphobia)

Martin Dingle Wall (Happy Hunting)

Frank D’Angelo (The Red Maple Leaf)

Jason Tobin (Jasmine)



Best Screenplay for a Feature Film

Beyond The Silence, written by Cathryna Stanley, Shawnee Gatlin & William Barbee

Hear The Silence, written by Alex Melzener

The Karma Club, written by Kevin Porter Young

Vive Le Morte, written by Thomas Welte

The Dunning Man, written by Michael Clayton & Kevin Fortuna



Best Director of a Feature Film

Alex D’Lerma (Fear, Love & Agoraphobia)

Bramwell Noah & Dan Noah (I, Timon)

Dax Phelan (Jasmine)

Joe Dietsch & Lucian Gibson (Happy Hunting)

Ed Ehrenberg (Hear The Silence)



Best Feature Film

The Dunning Man (Kevin Fortuna)

Happy Hunting (Jeff Kalligheri & Bryson Pintard)

Hear The Silence (Lou Binder)


Fear, Love & Agoraphobia (Alex D’Lerma, Dustin Coffey & Markus Linecker)

The Red Maple Leaf (Frank D’angelo, Mike Cecere & Gemma Runaghan)

Jasmine (Eric Klein & Dax Phelan)




Best of the Festival Jury Award

Hear The Silence (Lou Binder)

The Unstoppable Irving Fields (Martin Feinberg)

Happy Hunting (Jeff Kalligheri & Bryson Pintard)

The Dunning Man (Kevin Fortuna)

Fear, Love & Agoraphobia (Alex D’lerma, Dustin Coffey & Markus Linecker)



Best of the Festival Audience Award

The Breaking Point (Joe Gawalis)

D-love (Dave Rogers & Elena Bueca)


Bunnie (Tina Traster)

Undocumented (Patricia Shih)

Swiped Right (Dana Marisa Schoenfeld & Lydia Fiore)

Gas Light (Chuck Cuellar)


Hoboken International Film Fesival Award For Excellence In Acting


Joyce DeWitt

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