Monday May 20th

Monday May 20, 2019

THE BESTOWAL – Feature Film

Directed by Andrew de Burgh – California

A suicidal businessman is visited by an inter-dimensional being who appears in the form of a beautiful woman.


Directed by Ashley Davison – Texas

A fun, new character-driven series that buzzes like a swarm of honey bees. Charlie Bee Company is a show about a wild bunch of Texas beekeepers who rescue killer honeybees from desperate and dangerous situations, enlightening the public with each new sting.

OD PILOT – Documentary

Directed by Mary Sue Connolly – West Virginia

OD PILOT is set in the small town of Petersburg, West Virginia, a rural community tragically impacted by the opioid epidemic sweeping the United States. The film ​shares the stories of various community members, with particular focus on the experiences of former drug dealer, Bre McUlty. Growing up in a home torn apart by drugs and forced to survive by any means necessary, her story offers hope that recovery is possible.


Directed by Karen Iacobbo – Rhode Island

In 1964, pre-med student Carrie’s life is smooth sailing until a mysterious older man blows onto her path like a tempest. Can Carrie sustain in the storm, or will the Newport man twist her off course?


Directed by James Francis

A woman’s blog turned documentary in this emotional story of a young woman diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.

LILLI – Short Film

Directed by Sascha Zimmermann – Germany

Lilli’s misfortune begins during a one-night stand when she causes the man she’s with to die from a heart attack. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the stiff in her bed is a cop. In a panic Lilli calls her two friends for help. The three girls’ friendship will be tested as they all play their part in the often funny but grisly disposal of the deceased.

PUBLIC FIGURE – Documentary

Directed by Brian Corso – New York

Public Figure is an exploration of our society’s increasing obsession with social media. The insightful documentation of social media use and addiction invites the viewer to question if what we see online is reality or a complete delusion.


Directed by Brian VanHooker & Steve Quistgaard

John O’Hurley

Out-of-work game show host Chip Turner has finally found a way to get his big comeback: he’ll star in a new reality show where he will live as a homeless person on the streets of New York City.

F.A.M. – TV Pilot

Directed by Kyle Romanek – Georgia

Inspired by a true story, F.A.M. is a half-hour drama about a black blended family trying to live a normal life in the all-white suburb of Roswell, GA. The story covers the life of Trey, who is trying to balance his relationship with three women: Traci – his ex and the mother of his child, Dara – his new wife, and Olivia – his 15-year-old daughter who is struggling with her sexuality.


Directed by Jim Mendrinos – New York

Gail is human. Her new boyfriend is not. Can a woman and a ventriloquist’s dummy find true love in NYC?


Directed by Andrew Pilot – New Jersey

A small-time criminal employs the help of his close friend to get him out of a bind. Tonight they will have to decide between staying in the repetitive cycle they’ve been living in or doing something drastic to break free. Inspired by the song “Meeting Across the River” by Bruce Springsteen.

TARAB – Feature Film

Directed by Jennifer Hanley – New York

Karen Lynn Gorney

Tarab follows Mena, a single, successful female lawyer, who is married to her career. While her Lebanese mother and family push her to find marriage in hopes of grandchildren, Mena realizes she has been working so hard that she has not noticed how much time has passed. Until one day, she finds her passion within a form of dance that is not widely accepted as a professional career in her culture: belly dancing. But how long can Mena keep up this double life?

MANEUVER – Short Film

Directed by Demedrius Charles – New York

Della Maze, a forensic accountant is smart, beautiful and strategic. She has proven herself on many occasions to be a woman with the uncanny ability to navigate until she meets her nemesis who challenges her at the game of MANEUVER. ​