12:00pm Greenwood Lake Community Center, Greenwood Lake, NY - $11

BANDS – TV Pilot  

Directed by Barrett Shuler – New York


Bands is an ensemble dramedy that follows a local indie band through the highs and lows of a music scene that could care less about them.



Directed by Tom Phillips – New Jersey


More than 40 years have passed since the official end of the Vietnam War. For years, many veterans of this war refused to talk about their experience. Now, however, as many begin to die out, four Vets that belong to the New Jersey Vietnam Veteran's Memorial have decided to share their stories for the first time. 



Directed by Grace Soriano – New Jersey


A strange outsider harboring a secret looks for lodging in the home of a lustful woman with many questions.  SEE TRAILER HERE...



Directed by Marta Gac – New York


A once “legendary” creative director must adapt to the new millennial culture of modern-day Madison Ave.



Directed by J Gabriel - Tennessee


Tiffany’s parents send her to Dr. Miller after her suicide attempt, a decision they may regret.

12:00pm Elks Lodge, Greenwood Lake, NY - $11


PHOENIX – Documentary 

Directed by Anat Tel – Israel


Phoenix, 32 years old, was born and raised in the African Hebrew Israelite community, located in the city of Dimona, the desert of Israel. When Phoenix was 3 years old, his father was expelled from the community and sent back to the USA, after being suspected of revealing some of the community's innermost secrets. Phoenix decided to return to the Hebrew Community and to his parents. He knows he deserves to be happy.


31ST OF DECEMBERS – Short Film 

Directed by James Grimley – United Kingdom


A lonely and unsettled Sam is looking to find love every New Year’s Eve with Rose the call girl. Hiding from their true identities stalls Sam’s best efforts, to find out more about his affection towards Rose.

2:00pm Greenwood Lake Community Center, Greenwood Lake, NY - $11


Directed by Ian Lettire – New Jersey

Sarah Dawson, a teenaged girl, endures life at the hands of a corrupt and abusive father and a neglectful mother. A victim who sees no other option, Sarah devises a plan to steal her dad’s money and flee with her best friend Ben. Unfortunately, things go terribly awry, and Sarah is unwittingly thrown into her father’s nefarious world of white-collar crime. 



Directed by Jonathan D’Ambrosio – New Jersey


The Suggestion Box tells the story of Lucy and Sam, two flawed but likable characters who have managed to survive a toxic relationship with one another and now, in one day, are forced to confront all of the wrong decisions and poor choices they have made.  SEE TRAILER HERE...


ROARING TIDES – Short Film  

Directed by Aly Mang – New Jersey


Roaring Tides is a twisted love-story that dives into the deeper understanding of what we all go through as humans and couples in this lifetime. The film explores love, loss, and the heartache of human existence - the confusion and power struggles we go through, while ultimately discovering our truth and purpose.

2:00pm Elks Lodge, Greenwood Lake, NY - $11

POSTAL – Feature Film  

Directed by Tyler Falbo - Georgia


Elyse Dufour, Steve Coulter, Megan Hayes


A dark comedy based on true events, Postal reimagines the emotional meltdown of Philip Tress, a Jacksonville millennial described by local media as “unable to break from a psychotic, unrequited love affair." Phil's downfall gained notoriety as his breakdown was documented by multiple recordings of calls Phil made to a customer service agent at an international shipping company.



Directed by Joseph Whelski – New York


Three incredibly incapable men are tasked with guarding a mystical mansion, by any means necessary.  SEE TRAILER HERE...


MAELSTROM – Short Film  

Directed by Carlos Gomez-Trigo – Spain


Karl spins the spoon from his coffee. Something spins even faster inside Tony's head.  SEE TRAILER HERE...



Directed by Lisa Nunez - Germany

Guenther is a greenkeeper with body and soul. Unfortunately, his soccer club stays far behind his ambitions. Since they are about to relegate again, it is on him to save the honor of his team.

4:00pm Greenwood Lake Community Center, Greenwood Lake, NY - $11

EPIPHANY – Feature Film  

Directed by Koula Sossiadis Kazista & Katina Sossiadis – Florida


Epiphany follows the story of Luka desperate to connect with her negligent father in a Greek sponge diving town in Florida. While also struggling in her relationship to her pill-addicted uncle, Luka befriends an older man and slowly uncovers her family’s mysterious past.


MOUNTAIN MEN – Short Film  

Directed by Zack Carlascio – New Jersey


Taking place in a near dystopian future, a lone scavenger breaks into an abandoned house and finds a family taking shelter inside.  SEE TRAILER HERE...

4:00pm Elks Lodge, Greenwood Lake, NY - $11

WING GIRLS – Feature Film  

Directed by Ashley Gibson – New Jersey


Six female Navy air show pilots with exceptional maneuvering skills are called to duty. Some of these women, proclaiming to never fly combat, reluctantly find themselves having to face an unthinkable decision where the right choice could compromise their beliefs, their lives and their Country. 


FORGOTTEN – Short Film  

Directed by The Cremer Brothers – New Jersey


A young man's long-lost sister returns, bringing with her a lifetime of forgotten memories.  SEE TRAILER HERE...

6:00pm Greenwood Lake Community Center, Greenwood Lake, NY - $11


INTERMENT – Feature Film 

Directed by Sean Murray – New York


Detective Charlie Osmond is in pursuit of a ruthless serial killer known as Scott. What Osmond encounters along the trail pushes him over the edge of sanity. Dead bodies, a dark angel named Chelsey - and the evil Man in Black.

TENANTS – Short Film  

Directed by Roger Turner, Jr. – New York


A washed-up TV actor shakes off the cobwebs of fame and relishes peace in the Big Apple, that is until his ambitious neighbor realizes who he is.  SEE TRAILER HERE...


YOU GOT MA’AMED – Short Film  

Directed by Michael Kelberg – New Jersey


Kate's psyche is in the balance after being referred to as "Ma'am." Her night out with husband Calvin hits a sour note when she is called the hated four-letter word. Calvin chuckles showing little empathy to Kate's newly found label. Arriving home, sparks fly between husband and wife, Kate's mom, and the pizza delivery girl.

6:00pm Elks Lodge, Greenwood Lake, NY - $11

BROOKLYN ROSES – Documentary  

Directed by Christine Noschese – New York


In Brooklyn Roses, filmmaker Christine Noschese blends documentary and fiction to re-examine her childhood and her mother’s feminist struggles in the 1950’s and 60’s working class Brooklyn. When her mother dies, Noschese returns to her childhood home to decide what to keep and what to discard.



Directed by Louis J. Guerra – New York


After playing a part in his own neighbor's tragic fate, an ICE officer with a guilty conscience must choose between the Homeland Security badge and the foreign nationals he's in a unique position to help.  SEE TRAILER HERE...

8:00pm Greenwood Lake Community Center, Greenwood Lake, NY - $11

THE LAST BIG SAVE – Feature Film 

Directed by Frank D’Angelo - Canada


Danny Aiello, John Ashton, Dominique Swain, Michael Pare, Daniel Baldwin, Tom Bower, Joe Cortese, Art Hindle, Frank D’Angelo


A professional hockey player who is only happy when he is miserable signs a long-term contract that covers his entire career only to ruin it in his first year due to substance abuse and alcoholism. He rides his good luck in the final month of the final year of his contract when he gets a last chance at redemption in the seventh game of the finals.


CRUSHING IT – Short Film

Directed by Andrea Buccilla – New York


Crushing It is a mockumentary that examines what happens when a married couple tries to come to terms with each other's extreme tendencies. Liz is a tomboy. Jon is a bit of a bro. When friends come over for a cookout, tension and hilarity ensue.  SEE TRAILER HERE...


PATRIK – Short Film  

Directed by Evgeniya Radilova – New York


This is a story about an accomplished elderly actor who grew too old for our modern, fast-paced life, and, on his way to receiving his final and ultimate lifetime achievement recognition, he gets swallowed up by it mercilessly. It is a human story about trying to age gracefully while being pushed aside by the next generation.


40TH – Short Film  

Directed by Guy Olivieri – New York


Anne’s mother died when she was 8, and left her the gift of 40 birthday cards. Today is Anne’s 40th birthday - the last card - the final reminder that Anne is not the woman her mother hoped she’d become.



Directed by Henning Himmelreich – Germany


After Silence addresses the inner process of mental and emotional regeneration of human psyche. To visually represent this process the film uses the imaginary from Egyptian mythology and its concept of the journey into the afterlife in an abstract manner.

8:00pm Elks Lodge, Greenwood Lake, NY - $11


Directed by Andrew Hunt – New York


Fred Willard, Kevin Pollak, Bob Newhart, Lily Tomlin, Carl Reiner, Tom Smothers, Norman Lear, Mitzi Gaynor, Peggy King


Funny You Never Knew is a feature documentary about three comedians from the 1950s: Imogene Coca, George Gobel, and Martha Raye. They are rediscovered through two contemporary comedians, Fred Willard and Kevin Pollak.



Directed by Christina Ruloff – Germany


His first “Olowe" was a fake, but by then art dealer Jean David had already fallen in love with Yoruba artist Olowe of Ise (1875 - 1938). But how can one distinguish between “real“ and “fake“ art in African art? David takes us onto a journey into an unknown universe full of beautiful contradictions.

10:00 pm Greenwood Lake Community Center, Greenwood Lake, NY - $11


Directed by Larry Rosen – New Jersey


Samantha and Ryan spend a weekend down the shore with Jimmy and Tonya. The weekend makes Samantha begin to question her relationship and the choices she has made.  SEE TRAILER HERE...


TEDDY – Short Film 

Directed by Mark Clauburg – New Jersey


A dying girl seeks protection from her teddy bear - no matter what.


NUMBER 25 – Short Film  

Directed by Larry Rosen – New Jersey


Widow-Maker and Mr. Blank are an assassin couple. As they celebrate Widow-Maker's 25th kill, they reminisce how far she has come, and Mr. Blank expresses concern she may have gone too far.


Directed by Brenden Hubbard – Georgia


A young couple adopts a baby monitoring technology to raise their child Indigo, but after years of neglect the couple learn themselves what was behind the tech.



Directed by Damon Russell – Georgia


Birthday Cake For Dinner is the story of 7-year-old Simon's trip to visit his estranged father for one disaster-filled weekend.

10:00pm Elks Lodge, Greenwood Lake, NY - $11

HEART KILLER – Short Film  

Directed by Brenden Hubbard – Michigan


A man loses himself in various cities searching for the place he belongs until finally he realizes he's late for his bands show.



Directed by Adva Reichman – Israel


A young woman, who has been training to become a suicide bomber, must choose between her love for her son and her obligation to carry out an attack.


2ND CLASS – Short Film  

Directed by Jimmy Olsson – Germany


Charlotte has got a new job as a second-grade teacher. One night she is attacked by a Nazi and is severely injured. When she comes back to her students, she discovers that one of her students is the son of that Nazi.


MAAT – Feature Film

Directed by Jasraj Singh Bhatti – India


A dramatic story where characters are unmasked and relationships collapse, Maat is a thrilling roller coaster ride answering the question - what if your entire life was a planned game?

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