2019 Official Screenplay Selections


Written by Daniel O’Connor – Canada ​

A man clones a double of himself to take his place in life, but realizes his double isn’t totally like him.


Written by Buddy Fitzpatrick, Lindsey Gelfand, Joe Bronzi

​ Love is not blind, it truly sees all. Sarah is young, independent, successful and blind. Yet she alone among her colleagues misses nothing. When Brett enters her life, carrying pain and trauma from his past, Sarah is the only one who perceives what’s happening, and what is important.


Written by Jude Gerard Prest – Canada ​

A comedy with dramatic elements, Harry’s File is the story of an alienated, bitter man’s life that gets turned completely upside down when he is forced to relive seemingly random moments of his life after a naïve angel – new to Heaven – wanders into the massive file room in Heaven where everyone’s life is stored on 3X5 index cards and drops Harry’s file – scattering and re-ordering the events of his life.


Written by Shira Zimbeck – New York ​

After graduating college four callously beautiful girls embark on a venture to charge people to sit in an empty Box and where they say you can hear your inner voice, a venture that becomes a deliciously polarizing cultural phenomenon in this irreverent high-fashion comedic look into what people are willing to do to not feel empty.


Written by John Kerner – New Jersey ​

A dying mobster asks his son to take his place in running his crime family, but his son has other goals.