Sunday May 19th

1/2 NEW YEAR – Feature Film

Directed by Tom Morash – California

Shanley Caswell, Rome Flynn, Ashley Platz, Bo Youngblood, John Ierardi, Matt Schulte, Brooke Lewis, Jeff Dye

On the last Saturday in June, a tight-knit LA group of friends celebrate 1/2 New Year, with a blowout party. They dress up, drink champagne, have a countdown, make new resolutions, and generally take a break from the daily grind to let loose. All young professionals, each character is struggling with the transition into serious “adulting.” Some are managing better than others.


Directed by Joshua Nelson – New Jersey

A detective’s interrogation of teenagers leads to the painful truth about a girl they all bullied.


Directed by Taishon S Black – New York

Seven-year-old Livy has seen her mother (Angie) deal with heartbreak and sadness too many times over; wherein that she feels she has to do something.

THE MONEY STONE – Documentary

Directed by Stuart Harmon – Ghana

The Money Stone is the coming-of-age story of two boys chasing their dreams among the gold mines of Ghana.

BEHAVE, KIDS – Short Film

Directed by Tripp Crosby – Georgia

Good-boy youth pastor Greggor and his sensual girlfriend Kim have been invited over to house sit for Greggor’s new Bible beating boss Pastor Tom. It’s a suspicious gig, but once Tom and his wife leave, Greggor and Kim are free to do whatever they want in a house they assume they have all to themselves.

IVAN – Short Film

Directed by Panagiotis Kountouras – Greece

A solitary dinner for two in a dehumanized society that has a craving for itself.

CATNIP NATION – Documentary

Directed by Tina Traster – New York

Good Samaritans risk hostility, political persecution, and legal prosecution to care for feral cats living in colonies. The three main characters in the documentary Catnip Nation, who live miles apart and come from different walks of life, invite us into a world of advocacy, political wrangling, and legal intrigue. SEE TRAILER HERE…


Directed by Cheryl Allison – New York

Judy McLane, Julee Cerda, Jim Newman, Gary Hilborn

After a gay purge in a dystopian future, two couples who secretly meet once a week to reminisce about their former openly gay lives must decide if their clandestine meetings are worth risking their lives.

DODGSON – Short Film

Directed by Dan Michael – New York

Upon the discovery of his estranged father’s death, a jaded therapist with a severe speech impairment is forced to confront former childhood traumas. The event suddenly unearths a slew of latent emotions which triggers the return of his stutter, drastically affects his behavior and forces him to contemplate the unresolved issues from his past. SEE TRAILER HERE…