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Winners & Nominees 2012

Best of the Festival (Screening Committee Award)

*Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship
American Veterans: Discarded and Forgotten
Tumor: It’s in the System
The River Murders
Below Zero

Best of the Festival (Audience Award)

*The Night Never Sleeps
Kinderblock 66: Return to Buchenwald
The Reunion
Hunting Season
Photo Finish

Best Feature Film

*The River Murders – Daniel Toll, Steve Anderson, Sarah Ann Schultz & Tay Voye
Rabat – Julius Ponten & Frieder Wallis
Below Zero – Justin Thomas Ostensesn & Signe Olynyk
The Crab – Craig Schober & Rona Mark
Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship – Sal Irizarry, Waj Arshad & Jane Basina

Best Screenplay (Feature Film)

*Blue Collar Boys – Mark Nistico
Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship – Jeff Kaplan & Ian Springer
A Pornstar is Born – Will Trautwein & Corey Bishop
The River Murders – Steve Anderson
Below Zero – Signe Olynyk

Best Director (Feature Film)

*Broadway’s Finest – Stephen Marro
The River Murders – Rich Cowan
The Night Never Sleeps – Fred Carpenter
Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship – Jeff Kaplan
Rabat – Victor Ponten & Jim Taihuttu

Best Actor (Feature Film)

*Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship – Stephen Schneider
Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship – Matt Oberg
The River Murders – Ray Liotta
The Crab – Guy Whitney
True Bromance – Devin Ratray
Below Zero – Edward Furlong

Best Actress (Feature Film)

*The River Murders – Gisele Fraga
Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship – Anna Chlumsky
The Crab – Cass Bugge
Below Zero – Kristin Booth
A Pornstar is Born – Aliana Love

Best Supporting Actress (Feature Film) 

*Redneck Roots – Carol Anne Watts
The Crab – Kelly Dwyer
A Pornstar is Born – Kylie Ireland
The Reunion – Raine Brown
Schlafende Hunde – Verena Wolfien

Best Supporting Actor (Feature Film)

*The Night Never Sleeps – Russ Camarda
The River Murders – Christian Slater
Maybe Tomorrow – Michael Wolfe
Hunting Season – Michael Sorvino
Broadway’s Finest – Adam Storke

Best Cinematography (Feature Film)

*Meherjaan – Samiran Datta
The Rule of Law – Alex Van Brande
Somewhere West – Adam Benn
Rabat – Alex Wuijts
Steve Phoenix: The Untold Story – Ed Buffman & Dave Schwartz

Best Editor (Feature Film)

*The Crab – Rona Mark & Craig Schober
Below Zero – Justin Thomas Ostensen
True Bromance – Jake Diamond
The River Murders – Jason Payne
Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship – Duncan Skiles

Best Documentary

*American Veterans: Discarded and Forgotten – Gary Null
The Night of the Shroud – Francesca Saracino
Kinderblock 66: Return to Buchenwald
Knocking on the Devil’s Door – Gary Null
Nothing Like Chocolate – Kum-Kum Bhavani

Best TV Pilot

*Pet Mortuary – Adrienne Foran
First Match – Kenneth Murphy
League of Ordinary Gamers – Alexander Winn & Luisa Ogier
It’s Not Saturday – Martha Pinson
Writer’s Block 2D – Brian Millard

Best Short

*Admissions – Gavin Behrman & Elizabeth Behrman
Hearts Gamble – Jerry Digby
Masque – Richard Losee
Narcissus – Pontus Olgrim & Steffo Dimfelt
The Maiden and the Princess – Rebecca Louisell & Ian Ward

Best Short Short

*749: A Johnny Roc Film – John Espinal
Drum & Play – Mohammad Alkazemi & Felix Gil
Gros – Adam Taylor
You Talk and I’ll Shoot – Ciaran Vejby
Laundry Day – Thayer Radic

Best Unproduced Screenplay

*My Time – Tim O’Brien
Can’t Mumbai Me Love – Andrew Abdou & Brendan Soffientini
Games – Joseph Amiel
Hot Chocolate – Jeremiah O’Brien
Ripple – Heather Farris

New York Post Best Feature Film Trailer Winner

*American Veterans: Discarded and Forgotten

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

*Paul Sorvino


The following terms and conditions apply to cash awards and they cannot be deviated from under any circumstances: Cash prizes are conditioned upon winners personal presence and acceptance at the festival’s Gala Awards Ceremony. The winner of Best Feature Film, Best Documentary Feature, Best Short Film, Best TV Pilot and the Audience Award Best of the Festival, must be personally accepted by the projects’ producer, director or executive producer in order to be eligible for the cash prizes. In order to receive any cash prize, the winner’s film must have been submitted with the appropriate submission fee; films submitted without their respective submission fees are not eligible for cash prizes, though they may win HIFF award(s) and are entitled to the trophies if they do win any HIFF award(s). In the event that HIFF pays for airfare, hotel accommodations and/or ground transportation for any filmmakers and/or any individuals whatsoever and/or provides any free HIFF tickets (beyond the two complementary passes given to filmmakers) for any filmmakers and/or any individuals whatsoever, those said filmmakers/individuals shall forfeit the right to receive any cash prize(s) in a monetary value up to an amount equal to HIFF’s payment of his/her airfare, hotel accommodations and/or ground transportation and/or HIFF tickets(beyond the two complementary passes given to filmmakers).

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